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Support local businesses, not big box stores! 

Serving CNY since 1953

We're finally open!  Like many small businesses, our employees are treated like our family, with livable wages and benefits. 

We give back to the community. We provide real service. We give you a choice.

Without you, we cannot survive. 

Now that we're open, we ask that you support stores like ours instead of the large national chains who have profited from this crisis. 

We want to be here for you for many years to come. 

Our job is to make shopping an enjoyable, fast, and easy experience, because we care.  

We carry only quality brands... everything from 34 Heritage, Mavi and Levi Jeans to Jack Victor and Michael Kors Suits to thick, warm Schott Sweaters and Johnston & Murphy Shoes, all in one place. 

Support local business in Syracuse.

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We carry Syracuse's largest most complete selection of men's suits and sport coats in short, regular, long, extra long and portly sizes, and our experts know how to fit you quickly and effortlessly. We even have our own tailor shop on premises for your convenience. 

We also subscribe to the Big and Tall sizing guidelines to insure consistent, accurate sizing. Read our article under "Latest Posts" on this page to find out more. 

We Make it Easy


Our experts know your size before you even tell them. They can also coordinate outfits for you for any occasion if you'd like. We promise that shopping at Charney's will be the quickest, easiest shopping experience you've ever had. 

Our job is to make you look great.

No need to search all over from store to store, or go from mall to mall. Park right in front of our store and make your shopping quick and easy. 


Local Experts. Local Tailoring.

Easy parking right in front!