We shop the country to find the latest brands for you 


We carry men's quality brands that are made to last and fit well, in more sizes and styles than anywhere in Central New York. 

We look for clothing and sportswear that is comfortable, easy to care for, stylish, and will wear for years to come. 

Below is just a small sample of the brands that we carry everyday in our store and our online store, Charneysmenswear.com.  Our online store is by no means a complete inventory of our store, but carries some of our most popular items in hard to find sizes. Check back often as we add new items often. 

Some of the brands we carry:


  • Stetson

  • Mantoni
  • Levi's®

  • 34 Heritage®

  • Mavi®

  • Nautica

  • Grand River

  • Jockey

  • Carelli

  • Modern
  • Tommy Bahama   

  • Champion

  • Luchiano Visconte   

  • Lavane'                       

  • and lots more!