63 Years this Month - From 1953 to 2016

The Charney Family

 Mel Charney and his mom,  the co-founder of Charney's, "Mrs. C." in 2012.


This month, Charneys Men's Clothing Stores is celebrating their 63rd year as a locally owned and community-minded men's clothing store! Owned and operated by the Charney family since 1953, they specialize in making men look great, no matter their size.

When you look at the long list of local clothing retailers that have disappeared over that same period of time, you have to ask yourself this question: Why has Charney's Men's Clothing Store survived?

The reasons are many, but here are a few:

1) Charney's has HONEST sales - they don't play the "retail game" of marking things up to mark them down.

2)  Charney's staff are clothing professionals who can put outfits together for the customer and make sure that they are fit correctly.

3) You get real quality for your money. Their clothing really lasts longer!

4) Charney's Big and Tall department subscribes to accurate sizing guidelines as set for by the Big and Tall Associates. (www.bigortall.com)

5) The Charney family works with their customers in the store, allowing them to stay in touch with their needs and desires.

6) A Tailor shop on premises means that Charney's get local, personalized tailoring service. They don't inflate their tailoring fees like some of the national stores do.

From mens regular sizes to a mens size 70 waist, 10XL, or men's suits in short, long, extra long and portly sizes to a 66, you are guaranteed to find quality clothing and professionals who know how to fit you correctly.

From boys blazers, to young mens brands like Lacoste, Diesel, Nautica and more... to mens quality brands like Cutter and Buck, Agave Jeans and Tommy Bahama, you'll find everything you need and then some at Charney's.

Find What Fits You, at Charney's Men's Clothing Stores.